2014 School Information

The 2014 school year will soon be upon us.  Below you can find information as it becomes available to help you start off the new school year.

2014 Dates

1Monday 3 FebruaryThursday 17 April
2Monday 5 MayFriday 4 July
3Monday 21 JulyFriday 26 September
4Monday 13 OctoberWednesday 17 December (approx 12:30pm)

The first school day in 2014 is Monday 3 February
All students are to meet in the Junior courtyard at 8:50am.
This is a change of procedures from the past, but being adaptable to change is a key aspect of the current NZ curriculum.

Stationery Lists

The prices shown on these stationery lists are valid for February 2014 only.
Please note that during January and February, stationery retail stores have huge discount sales as as such some of the items on these lists may be cheaper through those stores.

Y1  Y2  Y3  Y4  Y56  Y78

Classroom Teachers

Acting PrincipalMrs Donna Rowe
Assistant PrincipalMrs Basia Powell
New EntrantMrs Basia Powell (Team Leader)Room 10
New EntrantMrs Sally RollinsonRoom 8
New EntrantMrs Tracy O'NeilRoom 7
New EntrantMrs Mary O'NeillRoom 1
Year 1Mr David MackayRoom 9
Year 1/2Mrs Pam LennieRoom 4
Year 2Mrs Emma BrentonRoom 5
Year 2/3Mrs Kathrine MitchellRoom 2
Year 3Mrs Yvonne NicholsonRoom 3
Year 4Miss Sam LewerRoom 6
Year 4/5Mrs Hine RokosukaRoom 11
Year 5Mrs Joanna PatrickRoom 12
Year 5/6Mrs Jennifer BroadbeltRoom 15
Year 6Mrs Dayle Harpur (Team Leader)Room 13
Year 7Mrs Lynne JunoRoom 18
Year 7Mr Gerard JoyceRoom 14
Year 8Mr Richard Maclean (Team Leader)Room 17
Year 8Miss Emily TubmanRoom 16